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We are a community of people in North Phoenix who are united by our love for God and are devoted to His son, Jesus Christ. We strive to live God’s love toward each other and our community. We know that life has many ups and downs, so we strive to be a place where the healing power of God can be played out in people’s lives. We believe that God’s grace through Jesus is meant not only to provide life after death, but that through His grace we may have peace, joy and a community to walk with during our time on earth.

We believe that the Bible is the message of God, the words by which He reveals Himself, His Son, and how we can come to know Him. So, we base how we live, how we worship, and how we seek God based on the Bible’s inspired words.

We’re a Church made up of people from all ages and walks of life who’ve come together to celebrate and share the love of God, and we’d love to have you get to know us and worship with us.

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